She laughed, she loved, and most importantly, she lived.

From the start, Abbie commanded a room with her sense of humor and goofy attitude. As a baby, Abbie earned the nickname of a baby Jim Carrey because of all the funny faces she would make.

Many people described Abbie as uninhibited, she never cared what people thought of her. Abbie had an empathetic streak, and defended other kids around her who were being picked on. She was a social magnet and made friends wherever she went; she knew how to make the best of every possible situation.

Even as a teenager, you’d never meet someone more attached to their family. Abbie would sometimes stay in on the weekends just to cuddle with her mom and watch “Glee”. Abbie and her dad could be found dancing goofily down the aisles of supermarkets just to get a reaction from onlookers. And like any little sister, Abbie knew how to push David’s buttons, but he would always relent to her goofy looks and laugh with her.

Abbie was not defined by her allergy. Because of this, she packed more unbridled joy, unparalleled friendship, unwavering courage, uninhibited enthusiasm, and unrestrained love into her short life than most people ever get to experience. I was Abbie’s teacher, and she is mine.

Abbie had an over-sized personality, with a constant smile and an infectious laugh. To say that her passing came too soon is the ultimate understatement.

Lisa Jones – Teacher

Greg Arnold – Family Friend

No child wants to be different, but Abbie never let her food allergies & anaphylaxis risk define her. She spoke freely about them and advocated for herself as soon as she was able. Abbie seized any opportunity to become part of a group; a soccer team, a basketball team, an art class, a play, and, her niche, a field hockey team. Abbie was fearless, jumping off the bridge on Martha’s Vineyard, or standing in the net ready to defend an opponent’s shot.

Abbie’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat selfies, and stories from her friends and teachers tell a tale of a beloved young lady with an unmatched sense of humor who was “Always Smilin’”.

Abbie saw the good in people even when they showed their worst. Abbie reached out to the lonely on her best and worst days, just because. Abbie was fearless, not just to stand on the rooftop of her house and Instagram it, but also to defend those who could not defend themselves.

Abbie was selfless, caring and most importantly saw the happiness in life that many people wish to find. She knew life was gift and cherished her memories and lived every day to the fullest.After camp, I was grateful enough to be exposed to her positivity through Becca and always delighted to hear my phone buzz and see a text message come up from Abbie.

Kim Bianchi– Family Friend

Sophia Gunzburg – Friend of a Friend

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