Dear keepsmillin4abbie,

Rebecca Collins, one of Abbie’s longest and closest friends, and I met almost three years ago at summer camp. When we began to share home stories, the name Abbie came familiar to almost every story. Each story brought a smile to both our faces as they were silly and amusing. I first met Abbie last summer during visiting day. She was exactly how Becca described her, having a radiant smile and a contagious laughter. I instantly found why Becca admired her and saw her as such a close friend. Abbie was selfless, caring and most importantly saw the happiness in life that many people wish to find. She knew life was gift and cherished her memories and lived every day to the fullest.After camp, I was grateful enough to be exposed to her positivity through Becca and always delighted to hear my phone buzz and see a text message come up from Abbie. I grew to know Abbie more than just a mutual friend, but a close friend i held dear to my heart. It was an honor to bring Abbie’s spirit to Greenwich, CT and share her story with my friends. If there’s anything in the future Greenwich can do to support never hesitate to contact me.

Sophia Gunzberg – Friend of a Friend

Greenwich HS, CT