I only met Abbie a few times. She was polite, and upbeat (despite the stories her mother told about her). I didn’t know her on a personal level but have had a lot of opportunities to spend time with the people in her life that did know her. Here’s what I have learned. Abbie saw the good in people even when they showed their worst. Abbie reached out to the lonely on her best and worst days, just because. Abbie was fearless, not just to stand on the rooftop of her house and Instagram it, but also to defend those who could not defend themselves. Abbie was spirited and enthusiastic about life, she’d hug you whether you were interested or not, because she had warmth to give so why not share it. What I do know about Abbie is that she will watch over this bench and those who sit on it. She will make sure that the lonely, fearful, shy, scared kids will find who they need, which is a buddy. What I know is that everyone needs a buddy, someone to confide in, understand them and just plain accept them. This is why I know this bench is in good hands.

Kim Bianchi – Family Friend